Our Favorite Gap-Toothed Celebrities


New York Fashion Week begins today, and according to the Wall Street Journal , in a rejection of “the air-brushed perfection of the digital age,” one of the most sought after looks at model casting calls was gapped teeth. Frankly, we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve always found it refreshing when celebrities embrace what makes them unique — instead of paying to get it fixed — and to see this kind of thing happening on the runways can only mean good things for gap-happy youths everywhere. Imagine fashion-minded young girls deciding not to get braces! After the jump, we present 10 of our favorite gap-toothed beauties, from old school favorites like Lauren Hutton to young upstarts like Ed Westwick. Leave anyone we’ve missed in the comments.

Anna Paquin

Denis Leary

Ed Westwick

Elvis Costello

Jane Birkin

Lauren Hutton


Samuel L. Jackson

Willem Dafoe

Vanessa Paradis