Video of the Day: D-List Hollywood Hates on Al Franken’s Senatorial Bid


When a bunch of actors who you wouldn’t be able to place without some helpful titles band together on behalf of Hollywood to make sure that you don’t vote for AL FRANKEN as senator it just makes them look really sad — and makes you want to do everything in power to be nothing like them.

Is this the best turn out the National Republican Senatorial Committee can get?

If we lived in Minnesota we’d vote for Stuart Smalley just because it was the opposite of what they are telling us to do and we don’t even know who else is running. So unless they are secretly working for the Franken campaign, this little video stunt was a terrible idea.

Come on Cliff, what gives? Incidentally, which cast member from CHEERS would have the most sway with you?

We’d be too scared not to do whatever KIRSTIE ALLEY told us to.