Daily Poll: Are You Watching Obama’s Speech Tonight?


TV junkies, we’ve got some bad news: Obama is hijacking your must-see network programming tonight (unless you were planning to watch Privileged on CW… but then, you’ve got other problems), delivering his primetime address before Congress at 9 p.m. Consider it a State of the Union-lite because he’s such a newbie.

While we’ve been big Obama TV supporters in the past (the debates! the big win! the Inauguration!), we’re not as compelled to tune in to tonight’s very special episode about our craptastic economy. We’ve always been bigger fans of denial. And whether the $1 trillion deficit was inherited or not, it still gives us the heebiejeebies if we think about it too much. We’d rather be watching The Biggest Loser: Couples — now there’s a show about hope.

What we’re wondering is:


P.S.: Does anyone else remember becoming irate when George Bush, Sr. would interrupt The Simpsons or Blossom or Roseanne with one of his boring speeches? We might have hurled a hot pink beanbag chair at the screen once or twice in the early ’90s. Or maybe not. (Rage blackouts.)