The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Sofia Coppola’s comic drama Somewhere won the top prize Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, but some are saying it’s just because her pal Quentin Tarantino was on the jury. [via BBC] 2. Now that former US Weekly editor Janice Min is the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, it’s transforming from a trade paper into a weekly, glossy magazine and trying to appeal to readers outside of just entertainment industry executives. [via NYT] 3. Roger Ebert is producing a new movie review for public television that will debut in January. According to Ebert, “This is the rebirth of a dream.” [via ABC News] 4. Two cast members from The Rocky Horror Picture ShowMeat Loaf and Barry Bostwick — will appear on Glee’s tribute episode on October 26. [via E!] 5. In case you missed the VMAs last night, the biggest moment came when Lady Gaga asked Cher to hold her meat purse and revealed the title of her 2011 album: Born This Way.