10 Pop Culture Nerds Who Can Chop Wood


We were rather shocked by an angry post on Missbehave Mag’s blog entitled “R.I.P. Nerds,” because we’ve always assumed that their target demo were the sort of gals who like boys who (look) like Wes Anderson. Boy were we wrong:

“Guess what? Being a geek is no longer cool. It’s fucking geeky. Geek chic? Dead. In this recession we need no longer pine over the Michael Cera’s or the Jason Schwartzman’s of the world.”

Um, ouch. Aren’t we in the midst of the Unofficial Geek Renaissance now that Obama is prez? While our gut instinct is to speculate about how a Paulie Bleeker lookalike must’ve broken poor Editor-in-Chief’s Lesley Arfin’s heart, we don’t know her, so that’s weird. Instead, we’ve decided that the more proactive way to deal with our dissent is to create a list of cultural nerds who kick butt. Find it (and add your nominees in the comments) after the jump.

1. “Tim Gunn? He can remove my beehive any day.” 2. “Steve Buscemi… in anything, always.” 3. “Steve Albini from Shellac” 4. “Brian Greene, the super cute string theorist” 5. “Edmund Hillary. Total nerd. Dude kept bees for fun, and had his future mother-in-law propose on his behalf.” 6. “Tina Fey” 7. “Spock” 8. Neil LaBute 9. “Awesome, badass (and cute!) physicist for you: Brian Cox” 10. “Weird Al Yankovic, or at least his posse