Eight Total Eyebrow Raisers [News Links]


1. Matt Drudge only likes to post the Dow chart when it’s sad. [Via Alex Balk] 2. John Hodgman really hates the word “meh,” which we didn’t realize can be traced back to The Simpsons. D’oh. [Via Boing Boing] 3. Just when we’d gotten to used to the idea of Conan flying solo (it took nine years), Andy Richter got all boomerang baby. [Via TV Week] 4. Flannery O’Connor might have been stranger than her grotesque fictional characters. [Via Maud Newton] 5. Michel Gondry + Seth Rogen = Be Kind Green Hornet. [Via /film] 6. Neil Young to tour only tiny Canadian towns this spring. Because he can. [Via Pitchfork] 7. The Hills‘ Audrina Patridge had her house broken into by someone who was wearing a fedora. [Via NYP] 8. There was a Hollywood bidding war over the film rights to a movie that will be based on an unreleased video game inspired by Dante’s Inferno. Universal won — or lost, depending on how you look at it. [Via NY Mag]