The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Parking Garages


Inspired by the abundance of appealing architecture in a recent New York Times feature on the city’s historical homes for autos, we decided to go on a global (albeit, virtual) search for the most beautiful parking garages that we could find. If past experience has led you to believe that these structures have to be hideously ugly, you might be surprised by what we came up with.

Car Park One, Oklahoma City. Designed by Elliott + Associates Architects. Photo credit: Scott McDonald / Hedrich Blessing

Parkhaus Engelenschanze, Stuttgart, Germany. Designed by Wittfoht Architekten. Photo credit: Werner Huthmacher

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Photo via Popular Mechanics

Michigan Theater Parking Garage, Detroit. Designed by Rapp & Rapp.

Greenway Self Park, Chicago. Designed by HOK. Photo via The Coolist

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage. Designed by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners.

Autostadt Automated Parking Garage Towers, Wolfsburg, Germany. Designed by Ray Hole Architects.

Eureka Car Park, Melbourne, Australia. Designed by Axel Peemoeller.

Veranda Car Park, Rotterdam. Designed by Paul de Ruiter. Photo credit: Architonic

Cordova Parkade, Vancouver, British Columbia. Designed by Henriquez Partners Architects.