The Bibliophile’s Guide to Home Decor


In these days of iPads and Kindles, it can be hard out there for those of us who like the real thing: physical books made of paper and cardboard and glue. Sometimes it feels like the End Times for the lover of the printed word, and that awakens in us the urge to surround ourselves with the dog-eared volumes we love. If you feel the same way, our Bibliophile’s Guide to Home Decor, featuring items made of books, designed to hold them, and created in celebration of them, is for you.


Book desk. Appropriately enough, this one functions as the information desk for TU Delft architecture bibliotheek. [via Boing Boing]

So you want a higher concept book desk, small enough for home use? Meet Richard Hutten’s Layers. [via designboom]

We’ve seen many variations on the bookshelf made of books, but Jim Rosenau’s elegant, brightly colored version may be our favorite. [via Curled Up with a Book]

Some of the items on this list cost thousands of dollars or aren’t for sale. But you can buy this one-of-a-kind book lamp on Etsy for 60 bucks.


Richard Avedon’s custom-made book crate bed. Sounds like a good DIY project to us… [via Apartment Therapy]

Another Jim Rosenau original. A mirror framed with vintage encyclopedias.

This may be designed for kids, but you’re never too old to sleep in Uroko House, an igloo made of bookcases. That’s right, folks: the bed is inside. [via Inhabitots]

Feeling crafty? Learn how to make yourself a colorful headboard out of old hardcovers at Instructables.

Bureau Debank’s reading lamp will hold your book for you when you’re done. [via Design Milk]

Living room

So in love with your books that you don’t mind getting paper cuts from your armchair? Meet the Bibliochaise, from Italy’s Nobody & Co. [via Decomodo]

Mittered table. Another breathtaking Jim Rosenau!

Outside, it’s a book bench. Inside, it’s a book sofa. Either way, Jan Reymond’s pocketbench is on our wishlist. The Swiss artist is also responsible for this gorgeous installation made of books. [via Book Patrol]

Indulge your guilty pleasure with this romance novel coffee table.

Book art

Kylie Stillman’s beautiful, zen-like book carvings. [via Apartment Therapy]

Jane Mount’s drool-worthy Ideal Bookshelf project. Buy prints from the series on 20×200 or Etsy.

Regal peacocks printed on an antique book page from 1890.

Postertext’s Ulysses poster, made from the text of the first quarter of the book.