Video of the Day: Britain’s Last Cinema Bus


These days, minivans have TVs embedded in their seat backs and movie theaters are struggling to make ends meet while haute food trucks thrive. And despite all this, here’s something we don’t have: cinemas on wheels. But they had them in ’60s Britain, as this nine-minute documentary short shows. In fact, the UK’s Ministry of Technology built seven of these 22-seat behemoths, which “toured Britain’s factories showing the workforce inspirational films about how to boost productivity.” While that doesn’t sound like much fun, we can’t help but imagine the possibilities for a mobile movie theater renaissance, should other cinephiles take inspiration from the folks who restored the last known relic of Britain’s fleet.

Learn more about the North Devon Movie Bus in this recent Guardian piece, and, if you happen to be planning a trip across the pond, visit its website for screening times and to inquire about private rentals.

[via /Film]