A New Thing We’re Trying Called “Remember When…” [Cultural Headlines]


Books: Remember when Dale Pecked “kneecapped” Rick Moody? [The Southeast Review via BookNinja] Dance/Opera: Remember when we had a president who thought dance was for sissies? [LAT] Design: Remember the last time a bunch of big buildings got chopped because of money woes? [NYT] Film: Remember when Will Ferrell was in a *highly-anticipated cop comedy? [EW] Music: Remember The Format? [waywardlife’s posterous] Television: Remember when Paris Hilton had the cultural clout to pull off something like this off? [TV Squad] Theatre: Remember when the dark side of the Force stayed far, far away from Broadway? [NY Mag] Visual Arts: Remember when people used to go to museums — not casinos — to check out art? [MAN] Web: Remember when everyone you knew was on AOL? [Slate]

* If you said yes to this one, you were lying to yourself. It hasn’t happened yet. For shame.