Quote of the Day: HRO + Tao Lin Makes Our Head Hurt

“Like most autistic people ‘Carles’ looks ‘not at ease’ in society, uses ‘scare quotes’ and ‘vaguely rhetorical questions’ often and naturally, and almost always has a neutral facial expression, even while eating Big Macs. If an influence must be cited it would be MSG, which is inside almost every food product in America, and causes autism, according to some studies.”

– Tao Lin insists to NYU Local that he is not Carles, the man behind Hipster Runoff; he also manages to sneak two plugs for his upcoming novella, Shoplifting from American Apparel (which allegedly explains their entire history), into the interview. Our question for you: has anonymous blogging ever ended well? OK, maybe two questions. Does this controversy make you feel old and kind of out of too? We had to have our intern explain it.