Quoteskine’s Hilarious Movie Mash-Up Posters


Lee Crutchley is the UK-based graphic designer behind Quoteskine, a blog of Moleskine drawings inspired by a head full of quotes and lyrics. “I’m a big fan of taking two separate references and putting them together to make something new,” he explains. Click through to check out five of our favorites from his series of movie mash-up artwork; signed versions will be coming soon to his online store.

Back To The Future vs Teen Wolf

Quotekine tells TotalFilm: “The ’80s produced some of my favourite ever films and the Back To The Future trilogy (forgetting the third one of course) are right up there for me. Michael J. Fox also starred in another of the best and I always wondered what would’ve happened if Doc Brown had lived in Beacon Town rather than Hill Valley…”

Scarface vs Austin Powers

Quoteskine tells TotalFilm: “I’ve seen so many different Scarface t-shirts, posters, coasters, paintings, etc., featuring this quote that I really wanted to do something different with it. I basically just said the quote again and again in my head until something popped in there. That something was Mini-Me, Dr. Evil’s ‘little friend’ — Yeah I know. I’m weird.”

Swingers vs Star Wars

Quoteskine tells TotalFilm: “Swingers is all about being money, or cool to the rest of us. As soon as I saw this quote had a Star Wars reference in it I started to think about the most ‘money’ characters from that universe. Vader, Fett and the Stormtroopers get my vote every time. And I think we all know that in reality Luke and his crew wouldn’t have stood a chance!”

Anchorman vs Superman 2

Quoteskine tells TotalFilm: “Anchorman has got to be one of the most quotable films ever made, I could probably do a different illustration for almost every single line! This was another one where I just sat thinking about the quote until an idea popped into my head. I haven’t seen Superman 2 since I was about 12, so I’ve no idea where this came from!”

Inception vs Ghostbusters

Quoteskine tells TotalFilm: “This idea actually came to me while I was in the cinema watching Inception. I’ve always been one for dreaming and thinking big, but The Stay Puft Man is a stark warning of just what can happen when you do, so be careful kids… And if your big dreams do go wrong, you know who to call!”