Pic of the Day: Pavement’s Original Slanted and Enchanted Demo


Considering the troubles that divided Pavement in the first place, their long-running reputation for erratic live shows, and the deeply held belief that theirs is first and foremost a for-the-money reunion, we went into last night’s Williamsburg Waterfront performance with low expectations. But you know what? Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich, Spiral Stairs, and the gang kept it together long enough to bring down the house, playing every one of their best songs and bantering as though they were actually having a good time together. In celebration of this unexpected triumph, we bring you a photo of Pavement’s original Slanted and Enchanted demo tape. After the jump, those of you who don’t already have it memorized can check out the final album’s track list for comparison.

Slanted and Enchanted track list:

1. “Summer Babe (Winter Version)” – 3:16 2. “Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At :17” – 3:16 3. “No Life Singed Her” – 2:09 4. “In the Mouth a Desert” – 3:52 5. “Conduit for Sale!” – 2:52 6. “Zurich Is Stained” – 1:41 7. “Chesley’s Little Wrists” – 1:16 8. “Loretta’s Scars” – 2:55 9. “Here” – 3:56 10. “Two States” – 1:47 11. “Perfume-V” – 2:09 12. “Fame Throwa” – 3:22 13. “Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era” – 3:21 14. “Our Singer” – 3:09

[via yvynyl]