Outside the Box: Cardboard Design Now


As fans of Andy Warhol’s work know, sometimes a cardboard box is just a cardboard box, and sometimes it is something more. Outside the Box: Cardboard Design Now gives readers a comprehensive survey of how the often overlooked material is currently being used in a variety of creative ways in contemporary design — from minimalist packaging to furniture to large-scale interior architecture. After the jump, preview a gallery of images from the book, courtesy of our friends at Black Dog Publishing, and if you’re intrigued by what you see, email them directly with the subject line “Flavorwire Offer” for a 40% discount off of your purchase.

Sylvie Reno, En routes vers la glorie. 2003. Corrugated cardboard. Courtesy the artist

Fantastic Norway, Cardboard Cloud. 2009. Courtesy Fantastic Norway Architects

Frank Gehry, Wiggle Chair. 1971. Copyright Vitra, http://www.vitra.com

Flexible Love™, Flexible Love™ Eco 8. 2009. Courtesy Flexible Love™

Shigeru Ban, Japan Pavillion. 2000. Courtesy Shigeru Ban Architects

Giles Miller, Mantle Clock-C. 2009. Image Courtesy Giles Miller

Brenden Macaluso, Recompute. 2008. Courtesy Brenden Macaluso

¿adónde?, Moutarde Boîtes, Courtesy ¿adónde?

Raw Edges, Milk Cartons. 2006. Courtesy Raw Edges

GGRP, Making it Make Noise. 2010. Courtesy GGRP