10 Celebrity Signature Looks Stolen from Desperately Seeking Susan


Pointing out that Madonna is a style icon is like pointing out that the sky is blue. Still, on this 25th anniversary of Madge’s big movie break, Desperately Seeking Susan (check out a great interview with director Susan Seidelman here), we’re struck by how influential the Material Girl’s wardrobe in that single film has been — and still is. After the jump, we compare the signature looks of 10 current celebrity fashionistas to outfits from Susan and conclude that it may actually be impossible to come up with a fashion statement Madonna hasn’t already made.

You know how crazy people are obsessed with the idea that Lady Gaga is in league with the Illuminati? (The main piece of evidence is apparently that she’s always doing this “all-seeing eye” business that you see above.) Well, that imagery, like much of her schtick, may originate with Madonna and this crazy pyramid jacket. All conspiracy theories aside, we’re guessing Gaga would kill for this piece.

Rihanna’s signature menswear-inspired hats are pure Madonna, combining toughness and sex appeal. The resemblance between this gold-accented fedora and Madge’s hat is uncanny.

The bright colors, the leggings, the sunglasses, the fussy hair, the crazy shoes, the piles of necklaces… M.I.A. bills herself as a true original, but the Madonna influence is undeniable.

Big, blonde, disheveled hair + sparkly outfit + vaguely stoned expression = Ke$ha

Considering her fondness for all things revealing and fishnet, we can imagine seeing Taylor Momsen, the face of Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line, in the get-up to the left.

A lesson from Madonna to Nicki Minaj: Sometimes all you need is a black jumpsuit and five pounds of jewelry.

Madonna (at the Desperately Seeking Susan premiere) 1985, meet Courtney Love 2k10.

Image via Go Fug Yourself

We can see Chloë Sevigny, the queen of loud, floral frocks with black heels, taking some notes on this Susan promo shot.

Beyoncé has always known how to rock a glittery blazer with strong shoulders. But, of course, Madonna did it first, back when Destiny’s Child was still in preschool.

The bra, the lounge chair, the mildly poofy hair, the sunglasses, the Cheez Doodles, the booze, the phone… we don’t think we even have to show you a picture to drive home how much this reminds us of Snooki.