This Week in Buzz


This week at BuzzFeed, we met the Strat Guru. He taught us various ways to maximize our online awesomeness, which meant lots of Justin Bieber and pug posts. (Check out those pugs in coats! They’re so ready for fall!) We still maintain that Biebs and Kurt Cobain are long-lost twins. We met the most despicable person on Facebook, and we revisited the most despicable contestant on The X-Factor, who is now posing topless in UK tabloids. (Majorly NSFW.) We were glad that Antoine Dodson made better use of his internet fame. Shia LaBeouf taught us a new way to pronounce “epitome.” We got nostalgic about middle school dances (until “The Macarena” got stuck in our heads). Finally, we joined the Pope Busters! Never trust an old man in a bad white dress.