The Guts of the Kindle 2 Ain’t Pretty [Lunchtime Links]


Books: It takes a certain kind of person to buy and dismantle a Kindle 2. [GalleyCat] Dance/Opera: The thought of Doctor Atomic playing Tokyo makes us cringe. Right? [Guardian] Design: For $28 million dollars, this chair should talk. Or fly. Or something non-chairlike. [Bloomberg] Film: Our Leah Taylor put it best: Why does Hollywood insist on raping fond childhood memories? Bastian Balthazar Bux is rolling in his grave. [THR] Music: A piece of marketing genius from a Detroit-based emcee. [Super Finale] Television: Jay Leno is in really big trouble for writing his own jokes, proving it takes more than a box of donuts to win over the WGA. [LAT] Theatre: Jeremy Piven goes to court, possibly turned off sushi for life. [NYT] Visual Arts: A museum that tweets back at you. Huh. [Mattress Factory via MAN] Web: Are more books based on Twitter in our future? We’re looking at you, Shaq. [Gawker]