10 Things We Learned from the New Social Network Clips


This week begins the countdown to The Social Network, easily the most hotly anticipated movie of the year — at least among people under 40. We’ve already resolved to see it opening weekend, along with just about everyone else we know (provided we can get tickets). And, to stoke our anticipation, Yahoo! has posted six new clips from the movie. Watch them after the jump and follow along as we dissect their 10 most interesting (and a few entirely unbelievable) moments.

1. There really must be a significant cocaine element to this movie if Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) can stand outside in the cold, talking three miles a minute and apparently feeling no sting.

2. Kids at Harvard are all about the funny hats and Hawaiian shirts.

3. Andrew Garfield cleans up nice; the film jumps jarringly through time.

4. A conquest of Justin Timberlake’s character, Sean Parker, walks around in a Stanford sweatshirt and matching underpants. Have you ever seen someone wearing a sweatshirt and underpants?

5. The same girl wonders if Parker is 15 years old. Lady, have you seen JT’s pecs? He is not 15 years old.

6. It’s just as we always suspected: Facebook was created to satisfy the curiosity of random nerds.

7. Zuckerberg: “I don’t hate anybody.” Huh.

8. Eduardo Saverin reluctantly turns over his algorithm for rating chess players — by scrawling it on a dorm-room window.

9. The Winklevoss twins are fond of mechanically recounting their own backgrounds and physical stats.

10. Ninety-five percent of college students are wearing hoodies 100% of the time.