Zooey Deschanel Makes Us Want Expensive Zooeys


Zooey Deschanel + luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples seems like an odd fit to us, but according to everyone involved, it’s like a dream come true. “Zooey was by far our first choice for the image of our campaign,” explains CEO David Schulte on their Web site. “She truly embodies what we consider to be the core Oliver Peoples customer because she’s chic and mysterious and growing up in LA, also represents our brand’s core DNA.”

Deschanel sounds downright over-the-moon discussing the collab in People: “Doing the Oliver Peoples campaign was amazing because I would never want to be involved with a product unless I actually loved it. And I love their glasses! I wanted to make a sunglass that was classic and timeless that could be worn by a man or a woman. And it was really fun designing them.”

Is “sunglass” even a word? Bygones.

Watch the twee-tastic commercial — directed by Autumn De Wilde and co-starring Matt Costa — and let us know if you don’t feel at least slightly compelled to drop 450 bones on some shades. Maybe we’re just suckers…