Viva La Mix!: Our Third Installment of New and Amazing MP3s


Today’s Viva Radio mixtape features tunes released no earlier than February, and most of the tracks still haven’t dropped at all. From French programmer pieR to Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine (a kiddie-oriented music project from Apples in Stereo’s Robert Schneider), we explore some obscure, but downright amazing, selections. Enjoy these downloads, and then head over to Viva Radio for a sneak peek at next week’s mixtape and to browse our 60+ shows.

1. The Antlers – “Two” On their second album, due out March 3 [Editor’s note: Thanks Terry!], Brooklyn’s the Antlers channel Microphones and Arcade Fire for a droney rock-folk sound. [Download MP3] via Pasta Prima 2. Burning Hearts – “I Lost my Colour Vision” Finland’s Burning Hearts sounds like Belle and Sebastian abroad, delicately rocking through this electronic-tinged popper. [Download MP3] via The Yellow Stereo 3. Camera Obscura – “My Maudlin Career” Tracyanne Campbell delivers one of her most passionate vocal performances, with the refrain, “I don’t want to be sad again,” on this, the reverb-heavy title song from the band’s upcoming 4AD album. [Download MP3] via Sly Oyster 4. The Thermals – “Now We Can See” The first single from the Thermals’ April Kill Rock Stars release is a sing-along anthem of independence: “Now we can see, what do we need? We should need nothing, nothing at all!” [Download MP3] via Snobs Music 5. Towa Tei- “Taste of You” (feat.Taprikk Sweezee) This track from Japanese DJ Towa Tei’s new album. Big Fun, has all of the elements of a classic disco-dance song: electronic beats, strings and vocals reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Prince. [Download MP3] via ssssound 6. Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine – “We R Super Heros” Apples in Stereo’s Robert Schneider’s kids music project has gone off the shallow end. Seriously, listen to this addictive two minute song and you’ll see exactly what I’m saying. [Download MP3] via Stereogum 7. Vetiver – “Everyday” Vetiver’s Tight Knit came out this month and, like much of their older music, this single is a flower bed for Andy Cabic’s mellow voice to lie in. [Download MP3] via Muzzle of Bees 8. Clues – “Perfect Fit” Featuring ex-members from Arcade Fire and the Unicorns, Clues are a potential powerhouse. This is a leaked single from their debut, due out in May on Constellation records. [Download MP3] via The Walrus 9. pieR – “Transition(s)” The title track off of this French producer’s new album starts out with slow, ambient sounds before climaxing in a raucous, techno-meets-shoegaze soundwall. [Download MP3] 10. Dan Auerbach- “I Want Some More” Black Keys singer-guitarist Auerbach released his blues-slathered debut album on Nonesuch last week with organ and guitar parts grittier than sandpaper. [Download MP3] via The Yellow Stereo