There’s a Fake “Chicago” in the Negev Desert [Late Morning Links]


Books: Elie Wiesel thinks Bernie Madoff is a psychopath and he wants him placed in solitary. [The Daily Beast] Dance/Opera: Dance like Beyonce, win $2500. (No, that’s not missing a zero.) [EW] Design: Fake towns are weird. [Tomorrow Museum] Film: WTF is Watchmen? [Hollywood Elsewhere] Music: Kanye sez to lay off of Chris Brown. [MTV] Television: Why does Jerry Seinfeld’s new show sound so confusing? [Defamer] Theatre: We’re suckers, but we can’t wait to see the latest Our Town. [NYT] Visual Arts: The Guggenheim’s sort-of-hippy new director is all about channeling the optimism of 1959. We likey. [WSJ] Web: One day the Hulu Awards will eclipse the Oscars. Not. [TV Squad]