BLK River Festival 2010


The BLK River Festival is currently being held in Vienna, Austria, and runs through October 6th. The annual gathering, now in its second year, is dedicated to street and urban art, and also includes a film series. This year, festival director Sydney Ogidan chose to focus on large-scale murals and site-specific installations from an international roster of artists including Blu, Know Hope, John Fekner, Ox, Sam3 and DTAGNO. Click through for photos of some of our favorite work.

For the Homeless Heart and Anxious Fingers by Know Hope. Photo via Arrested Motion


Silhouettes by Spanish artist SAM3. Photos by 40 k, via blkriver

Untitled work by Blu. Photo via Arrested Motion

Blu specializes in massive murals. Look at the photos below to get a sense of the scope of this work, which conjures the idea of unlocking one’s eyes.

Detail. Image via Graffart

In progress. Imagegs via Graffart

Graffiti Analysis: POV from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Evan Roth shows us graffiti from the artist’s point of view, with the help of two anonymous Viennese graffiti artists, as part of his Graffiti Analysis project. The top panel shows the feed from a camera at the end of the spray can, the middle shows the artist working, and the bottom shows the rendered analysis, generated by motion capture.