Courtney Love's Psychedelic Fashion Journey: The Movie


Here’s a little something wonderful: Courtney Love commissioned wacky animator Michael Mouris to make a film documenting her style evolution. It begins with Karl Lagerfeld, that paragon of sanity, staging a fashion intervention: “You’re drowning in the kook… Your lungs are filling with chiffon and lace and all that glitter, bead nonsense. You must come up for air before you die.” Later, Love wonders (and yes, in her world, this is a joke), “Why can’t I be dignified like Chris Martin from Coldplay?”

André Leon Talley, Love’s band mates, a “caramel” Birkin bag, a handful of Hole songs, a bowl of ramen, a “skinny little bitch” scarfing cake, and Michael Stipe (shouting some of his own “Losing My Religion” lyrics) all make appearances. It’s certainly goofy, but it’s also fun. Just watch it.

[via The Cut]