Dave Eggers' Animal Drawings that Talk Back


Everybody loves Dave Eggers, the wonderful author and McSweeney’s publisher who also writes movies and administers a nonprofit kids’ writing program in seven U.S. cities. And now we’re finding out that he can also draw. His giant, carboard-bound portfolio, Is It Right to Draw Their Fur: Animal Renderings , is out this week and coming to the mailboxes of McSweeney’s book release club members.

Cool Hunting tell us that the collection “consists of 26 posters on heavy and regular stock in three sizes of animals Eggers drew with China marker in the late hours of the evening at the end of 2009 into this year.” And each includes a witty caption that imagines what each creature might say. Check out some images from the book after the jump and wonder with us: Is there anything this guy can’t do?

[via Cool Hunting]

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