Daily Poll: Do You Prefer Poster Boy’s MoMA Remix?


In one corner there’s Flavorpill’s friend Douglas Jaeger, head of The Happy Corp., who MoMA hired to design a massive subway ad campaign in Brooklyn. He thought it would be cool to unleash Poster Boy — a New York street artist/subway vandal known for slicing and manipulating ads — on the classic works. Well that, and he was also trying to head off something that he saw as inevitable.

The end result: Warhol’s “Marilyn” got a nose job, a race car landed in some water lilies, and Fred Flintstone enjoyed a post-coital smoke. (See some good images here.) The remixed campaign got a boatload of press. No harm, no foul, right?


In the other corner you have the MoMA, an educational institution with a certain reputation to uphold. They’re pissed: “The museum deplores any kind of vandalism and we are distressed that this happened, did not condone or authorize it and hope it doesn’t happen again.” The MTA is pissed too, but we find their claim a lot less compelling: “It is shocking that someone who claims to run a legitimate business in New York would so blatantly break the law and vandalize our property.” Almost as shocking as your incessant fare hikes.

What we’re wondering is: