Daily Dose Pick: There Are Many of Us


Spike Jonze’s first film since Where the Wild Things Are is presented in multimedia format with There Are Many of Us, a deluxe hardcover book packaged with a DVD and a CD soundtrack.

The film itself, I’m Here, is an emotional 30-minute short that follows the romance between two endearing robots in an alternate version of modern-day LA. The book features photos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses at its genesis, while the soundtrack includes songs from Sleigh Bells, Animal Collective, and the Lost Trees — a group featuring Nick Zinner, Flea, and singer Aska Matsumiya.

While the soundtrack is also available separately and the film (which was a collaboration with Absolut) can be streamed online, by packaging them both together with the gorgeous book, the folks at McSweeney’s have hit on the perfect 360-degree presentation for modern media.

Watch the full film online, check out Spike Jonze on the Creators Project site, read about the film’s Sundance premiere, buy the deluxe book

(with CD and DVD) or download the soundtrack


Click through below for a gallery of images from the book and film.