Quote of the Day: Lily Allen’s All About the Benjamins

“It’s one thing posing for a picture for [sic] TNYT and wholly another letting OK into your house, and I didn’t even get paid.”

– Lily Allen in a blog post on her MySpace entitled “The New York Time [sic] are cheap skanks”. We were surprised to see Pitchfork rush to her defense (“A feud between a brash, frequently drunk young pop star and a venerated journalistic institution where the newspaper comes off looking like the petty, short-sighted party.”), given that her long-winded whine ended on a self-serving financial note. Maybe the fact that It’s Not Me, It’s You dropped to #16 this week has the pop star thinking recession…

P.S. Since when did Lily Allen care about showing up in the tabloids? Lame.