Video of the Day: Footage Shot with 102-Year-Old Lens


As a director of photography, Timor Civan is no stranger to shooting movies. But what he’s not so used to is working with the 1908 Wollensak Cine-Velostigmat f5 lens — which is the same kind of lens that was used on a hand-cranked silent movie camera. “This is a mix of natural lighting, cine style lighting, hand held, the Kessler Pocket dolley and tripod work,” Civan explains. “Much of this was shot to see what this lens can do in real conditions, and where its strengths and weaknesses are.” Note: There is no color correction or footage manipulation whatsoever. Click through to check out the “motion test” and stay tuned for an upcoming film project.

102 year old lens on 5D mkII – Video Footage by Timur Civan from Timur Civan on Vimeo.

[via Wired]