Love or Hate: The Wire Monopoly


If the original Monopoly game is based on a place as troubled as Atlantic City, then where’s Baltimore’s version? Well, now it exists (at least, in the form of an internet meme), courtesy of UK site The Poke. (Click over to them for a larger view.) Their Wire-themed game features some syringes, lots of stoops, some classic Monopoly jails and, of course, some more landmarks from the show.

It’s a catchy idea, and obviously in good fun, it is reminiscent of the controversial Ghettopoly, which drew racism complaints from the NAACP. And, since we once lived in “Bodymore, Murdaland” and are a little touchy about the way it gets represented, we feel compelled to say this doesn’t really capture it. Let us know whether you love it or hate it in the comments.