10 Incredible High-End Halloween Costumes


With many of us pinching pennies these days, DIY or cheap, store-bought Halloween costumes are a must. But what to do if you’ve got some extra cash, poor crafting skills, and are the kind of person who does the holiday in a big way? You may just need to go high-end. And we can help! After the jump, flip through our gallery of impressive high-end Halloween costumes, which range from Bowie and Edward Scissorhands to Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry.

1. Ziggy Stardust

Sure, you could put on a sparkly, old leotard, some glitter makeup, and a blue tinsel wig and say you’re David Bowie. Or, you could save up for this eye-popping Ziggy Stardust jumpsuit — which is custom made and comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. ($255, Etsy)


If you always wanted to be Gene Simmons (or are just looking for a badass pair of studded platforms), this detailed costume is for you. Obscenely long, bloody tongue sold separately. ($425, Sears)

3. The Princess Bride

Did you always imagine yourself as Buttercup, the woman Westley would do anything for in the cult kids’ classic Princess Bride? This gown, while not an exact match, is a decent approximation. ($297, Platinum Costumes)

4. Edward Scissorhands

Indulge your Tim Burton fantasies with this Edward Scissorhands costume. If you don’t mind going goth two Halloweens in a row, you can save the wig for a Robert Smith outfit next year. ($200, Stage Fright)

5. Wonder Woman

There are a lot of Wonder Woman costumes out there, but most are pretty crappy. Plus, we all know this lady superhero has gone through many transformations in the past few decades, and we like this corset-based, ’40s-inspired version’s vintage appeal. Also comes with tiara and arm bands! ($320, Etsy)

6. Snoop Dogg

Okay, so this costume is billed as a “’70s Pimp the Huggy” outfit. But we all know what’s going on here. Get someone to go as Katy Perry and someone else to dress as a gummy bear, and you’ve got the “California Gurls” video. ($231, Platinum Costumes)

7. Katy Perry

Aaaand… here is that Katy Perry Teenage Dream costume. This is so perfect we’re speechless. ($315, Etsy)

8. Elvis

Some people make a career out of impersonating the King, so we suppose it’s not surprising that this fairly authentic-looking Elvis getup (which doesn’t include the wig or shoes) will run you nearly $1000. Hey, at least it’s been reduced from the original price of $1600. Then again, this very similar knockoff can be yours for only $50. ($999, SpicyLegs)

9. Princess Peach

For the girl gamer with an appreciation for the classics: a faithful rendition of the Super Mario heroine’s only outfit. ($285, Etsy)

10. Michael Jackson

Cheap MJ costumes abound, but for the hardcore fan, only this “Billie Jean” video-inspired look will do. (The site also features “Thriller,” “Black or White,” “Smooth Criminal,” and many more costumes.) The jacket is sequined, the pants are decorated with gold stripes, and both the glove and the socks are covered in crystals. ($399, Tobejackson.com)