The Vimeo Awards: Did David Lynch Get It Right?


Eliot Rausch and Lukas Korver of Phos Pictures were the big winners Saturday night at the first ever Vimeo Awards. Their documentary, Last Minutes with ODEN walked away with the Best Documentary Award, as well as the Best Video Award. Remember our beloved Bottle? Well, it lost out to Eran Hilleli’s Between Bears in the Animation category. The winners were selected by a distinguished jury that included David Lynch, Morgan Spurlock, and M.I.A.

The award presentation was run like a tight ship. Online celebrity, Ze Frank, steered things along with the help of an impressive video display. The evening took a bit of a serious turn during the acceptance speech for Triangle , the winner in the Motion Graphics category. Firat Parklak accepted the award on behalf of Turkish filmmaker Onur Senturk explaining that it meant a lot to Senturk to win since Vimeo was recently banned in Turkey. It’s our understanding that Turks can’t access YouTube either. How scary is that?

Click through below to watch the complete list of the winners, and find the rest of the finalists here. We want to know what you think. Do you agree with the judges? Do you dare challenge David Lynch?

Animation Category Winner: Eran Hilleli – Between Bears

Documentary and Best Video Winner: Eliot Rausch and Lukas Krover, Pho Pictures – Last Minutes with ODEN

Captured Winner: Charlie Bucket – Fluid Sculpture

Original Series Winner: Ted Tremper – Break-ups: The Series

Music Video Winner: Andy Bruntel – Liars, “Scissor”

Motion Graphics Winner: Onur Senturk – Triangle

Experimental Winner: Chris Beckmann – Oops

Remix Winner: Kasumi – BREAKDOWN the video (remix)

Narrative Winner: Gabriel Bisset-Smith – Thrush