MTV Networks So Toe Up Sarah Silverman Might Walk Out


We wouldn’t usually root for this kind of thing, but the news that Sarah Silverman might have to quit her own show because of budget cuts (to a measly $850,000 per episode down from $1.1 million during the second season) gave us a funny idea: What if she stayed on as an executive producer, but hired someone less expensive to play the lead role of Sarah Silverman?

Might we suggest Zach Galifianakis? Yes, he’s already guest starred on the series as a homeless man, but we know that he looks fantastic in a dress.

On a related note, remember back in the old days when each of the Friends were raking in a million per episode?

On a personal note, we took our mom to see Jesus is Magic many years back when it was playing at the Zipper Theatre and Silverman opened with her bit about getting raped to a random song by the Pixies. We were in the front row. It was awkward.