Quote of the Day: He’s Just Not That Into Your Pink Landline Phone

“The slight strangeness of its Baltimore location aside, the movie plays with architecture and design in a way that bridges the architecture-makes-you-cool overtness of a film like, say, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Luke Wilson is architect and therefore attractive) and the grittily appealing sets of Addicted to Love. Unfortunately, He’s Just Not That Into You plays houses and their decor as one-to-one metaphor for its characters and their inner lives.”

– In a funny post that we wish she’d written for us (we’re not bitter, we swear) Edificial’s Eva Hagberg explains how “aesthetic becomes a tool of oppression” in a chick flick that she’s kind of embarrassed that she watched. The film in question has made almost $79 million domestically, so she’d shouldn’t feel that sheepish; odds are you’ve probably seen it, too.