Watch: Dollhouse Crew’s Video for a Song by Joss Whedon’s Brother


For those of us who find a Joss Whedon-free TV landscape difficult to face, anything new from his camp is worth celebrating. But this music video for “Remains” — a song by Joss’s brother Jed and wife Maurissa Tancharoen, both long-term members of Whedon’s writing team — is actually well worth watching on its own merits. Fans will recognize the creeping, melancholy track from Dollhouse‘s famously unaired “Epitaph One” episode. And the scenario, which casts Fran Kranz (a.k.a. Dollhouse‘s Topher Brink) as a guy who orders not one but two identical robot girlfriends (Tancharoen), goes surprisingly well with the song. Caitlin Stasey and J.R. Starr also make appearances in this clip, directed by Anton King.