The Flavorpill Mixtape XLIII: Antony and the Johnsons, Deerhoof, Fostercare


This week’s mixtape skews on the lovely and lyrical side, with a smattering of Rick Ross and some whatever-wave Brooklyn garage rock. There’s a new track from Deerhoof, too long in coming if you ask us, plus Yann Tierson, Antony and the Johnsons, and a sampling of an upcoming Witch House compilation. Right Click + Save as to download individual tracks or scroll to the bottom to grab the whole mix.

Deerhoof – “The Merry Barracks Fresh off of Deerhoof’s upcoming album, Deerhoof vs. Evil — their first new release since 2008 — “Merry Barracks” is a return to form for these indie veterans, complete with the high-pitched whispered vocals and pulsing guitar you all know and love.

Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis (Glitterbug Pink Snowball Remix)

Just to whet your appetite for Flavorpill and Pop Mondial’s upcoming CMJ party, here’s a new track from Ghostly signees Gold Panda. This remix takes on “Snow and Taxis” and stretches it, making the song ever more ambient and effervescent.

Wiz Khalifa ft. Rick Ross – “Black and Yellow (Remix)

It seems like lately, hustler Rick Ross can do no wrong, at least on the synthesizer front. This remix of Wiz Khalifa’s insanely catchy track — which we originally hoped was about bumblebees, but, it appears, is not — trimming what little fat the original had and making it into a lean, mean, hook machine.

German Measles – “Color Vibration

The Measles are part of the same circuit as Vivian Girls and the Beets, and their sound has a similarly raucous, lo-fi quality to it. Several members of the Measles are from the now-defunct caUSE Co-MOTION, known for their terrible puns, rip-roaring surf-rock nuggets, and twenty minute sets.

Tyvek – “4312

This one is from Tyvek’s new album, which drops on November 9th, and it bodes well for this off-kilter garage rock band. It’s a barnstormer, but also a sing-a-long — cop those “ooooos.”

Fostercare – “Cold Light On

This track is from the upcoming Disaro Witch House compilation, ISVOLT, dropping on December 6th. It’s dark and ephemeral sounding, full of buzzing and resonant echoes. It’s pretty much perfect as really creepy club music.

Moneypenny – “Destroy

Chicago’s Moneypenny is an electronic DJ duo turned into a thumpin’ live act, and an indie dancehall answer to the deliciously chintzy pop songs Madonna put out in the 1990s. It’s pretty hard to deny.

Yann Tiersen – “Ashes

If you recognize Tiersen, it might be from his work on the Amelie soundtrack. He’s an eclectic, minimalist composer, and “Ashes” comes from his just-released sixth album, Dust Lane. The song starts off with an almost Steve Reich-ian string section punctuated by hammering piano, but it soon warms and swells into the sort of song you’d like to listen to while riding your bicycle around a sunlit countryside.

Antony and the Johnsons – “The Spirit Was Gone

Swanlights, the latest from Antony and the Johnsons, dropped on Tuesday, and it’s another album full of quiet, ragged tunes and lulling piano. If you’re in the need for a good crying jag, this might be the soundtrack for you.

Quiet Lights – “Ablaze

Quiet Lights are from Brooklyn, but they sound like they’re from a quieter, more perpetually snow-blanketed country. Their sound is a little bit shoegaze, and a little bit of the soaring orchestral swoop of Sigur Ros, plus some of that latent kinetic energy in the Stars’ best songs.

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