Flavorpill Fix Episode Five: Stereo Total, Les Sans Culottes, Superchunk


In our fifth episode, the Flavorpill Fix goes international, with our favorite Paris-Berlin duo, Stereo Total. We caught up with them — and Brooklyn Les Sans Culottes — at New York venue (Le) Poisson Rouge. In honor of these European indie-pop film lovers, we’ve flavored the show with melodic cinephile and Francophone influences, in music videos from The Fiery Furnaces, The Vandelles, and Superchunk. Watch the full episode and learn more after the jump. And New Yorkers, remember: the Flavorpill Fix airs every Wednesday at 10:30 pm on NYC life, channel 25.

Stereo Total “Alaska” – Directed by Becky Ofek “National 7” and “Andy Warhol” live at (Le) Poisson Rouge

Les Sans Culottes “Le Biz” live at (Le) Poisson Rouge

The Fiery Furnaces “Even in the Rain” – Directed by Scott Jacobson

The Vandelles “Lovely Weather” – Directed by Bruce Ashley

Superchunk “Digging for Something” – Directed by Scott Jacobson

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