10 Notable Rocky Horror Tributes


Like other cult film nerds, we are counting down the minutes till Glee‘s Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute episode on October 26th. To alleviate our antici… pation, now that we’ve exhausted the previews at Vulture, we’re looking back at some of pop culture’s best Rocky Horror homages, from a wonderful Drew Carey Show musical number to an album of punk covers to a 25th anniversary event featuring performances by the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Find your favorite after the jump.

The Drew Carey Show

Feeling nostalgic, Drew and his pals decide to relive their old high-school pastime of attending midnight Rocky Horror screenings — “only this time, we won’t get wasted and question our sexuality.” They dress up (Drew and Kate as Brad and Janet, Oswald as Frank-N-Furter, and Lewis as Riff Raff. Unfortunately, the regular local screening has been replaced by Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and who should be first in line to see it but Mimi? Cue a full-on dance battle between Drew’s crew and Mimi’s drag queens.

The Dresden Dolls

What, you thought Amanda Palmer’s vaudeville goth-pop outfit wouldn’t have a rendition of “Science Fiction/Double Feature” up its sleeve?

VH1’s Rocky Horror 25

In 2000, to celebrate Rocky‘s 25th anniversary, VH1 hosted a major tribute show. Featured celebrities included Ashton Kutcher, Bijou Phillips, Eric McCormack, Jesse L. Martin, and Elisa Donovan (yup, Amber from Clueless). Buffy fans will get a major kick out of seeing Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) as Frank-N-Furter and Amber Benson (Tara) as Janet in this video. Head later starred in a revival of the show at Britain’s Royal Court Head.

Wendy O. Williams

Back in 1984, notorious Plasmatics daredevil Wendy O. Williams starred as Magenta (but with her own signature bleach-blond ponytail) in a touring production of Rocky Horror. “It’s got something in to offend everyone, and that appeals to me,” she tells a reporter in the hilarious vintage news segment below.

30 Second Bunnies

Still haven’t seen Rocky Horror? That’s unforgivable, but you can brush up with this pretty accurate 30-second version, re-enacted by Starz Bunnies.

Japanese rock star ROLLY

The former frontman of Japanese rock band Scanch, ROLLY is a fan of all things dark and cartoonish. So it was no surprise when he turned up at last year’s Tokyo Decadence Halloween Party to perform “Science Fiction/Double Feature” and “I’m Going Home.” He may not be dressed as a Rocky character, but the costume he is wearing is a total showstopper.

The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

This punk Rocky Horror tribute album features kicked-up covers by everyone from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes to Alkaline Trio. But by far our favorite track is Pansy Division’s very fitting cover of “I Can Make You A Man.”

Hungarian Idol

If only American Idol (with the exception of Adam Lambert) were this freaky! Decked out in goth finery, 2006 Hungarian Idol contestant Magdi Rúzsa brought down the house with “Time Warp.” Is it any surprise she won the whole damn competition several weeks later?

“Eddie” animated

A very funny, lo-fi, sped-up, animated reimagining of the song that tells Eddie’s story.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Rocky Horror may have started out as a risqué cult flick, reserved for midnight shows catering to city-dwelling freaks. But, since the ’70s, it’s become so mainstream that even family-friendly theme park Universal Studios has gotten in on the fun. In 2007 and 2008, the Florida location hosted a Rocky Horror revue as part of its Halloween Horror Nights, and last year, the show moved to the Hollywood park. As far as we can tell from the “Time Warp” clip below, it’s a pretty faithful rendition — although it does seem that Frank-N-Furter has been toned down a hair.