Wanted: David Byrne Edition to Benefit Creative Time


If you’re a fan of David Byrne’s artwork, then you’re going to want to check out the latest edition from 20×200, The Roots of War in Popular Song (forest of no return) , a print that’s based on an original piece from his Tree Drawing series. “The Tree Drawings are particularly resonant — no artist myself, I find my creative comfort in words (as evidenced in the abundance of text-based works in our archives) and have been an inveterate connector of the unlikely and the disparate since childhood,” explains 20×200’s Youngna Park. “With on-the-surface simplicity and humble source materials — ‘straight from the sketchbook,’ he writes in his statement — Byrne’s sketches reveal an enviable breadth of knowledge, wit and humility, all in the pursuit of making sense of the often nonsensical.”

Proceeds from the sale of these affordable prints benefit our friends at Creative Time. The first 200 prints, which were priced at $50 each, have already sold out. The second 200 are $100 each, and the final 200 are $150 each. There is a limit of one print per collector. Translation: Hurry up and buy one!