Blago Strikes Book Deal Gold [Morning Links]


Books: A publisher is paying six figures for Rod Blagojevich’s book. We pity his copy editor. [The Swamp] Dance/Opera: The Met has put two Chagalls on loan for quick cash. [AP] Design: A radical new fashion and design center arrives on the Seine. [LAT] Film: Neurotic New Yorkers rejoice: Woody Allen’s new Larry David/Evan Rachel Wood comedy will open the Tribeca Film Festival. [NYT] Music: Neil Young would like a little artist respect from YouTube. [CNET] Television: ABC cancels Life on Mars; if you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’re the reason why. Sorry, it’s still fresh. [THR] Theatre: Protesters stormed the stage of “racist” play about immigration at London’s National Theatre. Why doesn’t cool stuff like that happen here? [BBC] Visual Arts: A rich Chinese dealer sabotaged the sale of YSL’s bronzes by anonymously bidding on them and refusing to pay up. [Independent] Web: Did you know that Facebook tried to buy Twitter last fall? Then they would have owned our drunken pics and our misguided attempts at self promotion… [Business Week]