Wanted: Minimalist Posters Featuring Celebrities’ Glasses


A few weeks back we posted about Dress the Part, a collection of minimalist film posters featuring the style choices of movie characters from Moxy Creative. In Framework, Glenn Manucdoc (also of Moxy) gets a little more specific, highlighting only the iconic rims of some of the biggest trendsetters in eyewear. From Kanye to Elton John, and even Gandhi, the series of posters is a study in how important one’s glasses can be. Click through to see who made the list and tell us who he missed (no Steve McQueen?). And if you find a favorite, you can purchase prints here.

Whatever else he’s thrown on, fashion icon/pirate Johnny Depp knows to keep the frames consistent. Between another installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, a film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary , and a trip to Italy with Angelina Jolie, Depp certainly hasn’t been want for excuses to rock shades.

Mahatma Gandi help to free a nation from British colonialism with scant few worldly possessions. Thankfully, he kept those circular wire frames, and thus his intelligent, minimalist style.

Kanye’s no stranger to both making controversial statements and putting fashion before function. He manages both whenever he dawns his famous Shutter Shades.

Factory curator and pop-art leader Andy Warhol became, in the words of the poster “one of the few people in history who successfully turned their very existence into a work of art.” It figures that the shades have stood the test of time.

The fashion industry lost one of its greats two years ago with the passing of French designer Yves Saint Laurent. Perhaps Anna Wintour’s omnipresent sun-blockers will make a similar list in the future.

Here is Manucdoc’s entire collection. Think you can attribute them all by look (or squinting to read their names)? Visit Frame Geek for the legend.