Daily Dose Pick: Marnie Weber


Marnie Weber’s cast of unlikely characters includes a ballet-dancing bear, mythological animal hybrids, and ethereal “spirit girls,” all populating a surreal universe in the artist’s modern-day tableaux vivant.

The Los Angeles-based artist’s work appears on the cover of Sonic Youth’s album A Thousand Leaves and has been exhibited in cities from Milwaukee to Milan. Using a blend of video, installation, photography, sculpture, and live performance, Weber’s collages vividly illustrate haunting themes of isolation, longing, and personal renewal.

Read more about Marnie Weber, visit her website, check out an interview with Artkrush, and if you’re in Los Angeles, catch Marnie Weber at the opening of her gravesite-specific art project, Eternity Forever .

Click through below for a gallery of images by Marnie Weber.

Marnie Weber, The Great Circus Fire, 2008

Marnie Weber, Melancholy Elephants, 2008

Marnie Weber, Sea of Silence (film still), 2009

Marnie Weber, installation at Simon Lee Gallery, London, 2009

Marnie Weber, The Lighthouse, 2009

Marnie Weber, A Western Song (film still), 2007

Marnie Weber, A Western Song (film still), 2007

Marnie Weber, Wooden Bear, 2009

Marnie Weber, Panther, 2008

Marnie Weber, Warrior Pig, 2008

Marnie Weber, Marble Ghost Clown, 2009

Sonic Youth, A Thousand Leaves, 1998. Cover art by Marnie Weber