Rate-a-Trailer: Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole


There was a time when we really liked Nicole Kidman. And the trailer for Rabbit Hole, a new film from John Cameron Mitchell (he of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame) based on David Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer-winning play about a couple dealing with the loss of their young son, reminds us of why. She’s fantastic at playing tragic female characters who refuse to give in to their circumstances (think Ada Monroe in Cold Mountain, Grace Stewart in The Others, or even Virginia Woolf in The Hours… you know, up until she drowns herself). Won over by the critical praise that the film received when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, Lionsgate immediately snatched it up and slapped on an Oscar season release date. What do you think? Could Annette Bening (who seemed like a shoe-in for Best Actress thanks to her performance in The Kids Are All Right) have a real challenger on her hands?