Video of the Day: The Original iPod Commercial


Nine years ago this week, Steve Jobs and the minds at Apple released the iPod into the world. Consider how much has changed about music in less than a decade: the ubiquitous white earbuds, the shuffled playlists, the obsolescence of CDs and tapes, coupled with the push back from vinyl collectors. It seems impossible that it has only been nine years, until you watch the first iPod commercial. The design is still clunky, the space is limited (only one gigabyte!), and the ad campaign hadn’t yet turned to dancing anonymous shadow figures. Instead, there’s a dude who looks like Jeff Goldblum doing the running man to electronic music — which he can transfer to his new portable device that can hold up to 1,000 songs! It’s sort of deliciously retro now, but in nine years we’ll all probably have chips that transmit songs directly to our brains. Right, Steve Jobs?