Flavorpill’s Guide to DIY Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes #4: Vintage Video Games


Halloween: It’s always more complicated than you want it to be. Even if you’ve got your plans set, it’s a struggle to find the perfect costume — without resorting to the same crappy, overpriced, pre-packaged getups everyone else will be wearing. So, this October, Flavorpill is helping you out with easy, weekly DIY costume guides tackling four different pop-culture realms. Don’t worry — there’s no sewing involved.

For this final installment, we’re looking back a few decades at classic video games. While Super Mario costumes are everywhere, we think several other vintage favorites deserve your Halloween consideration. Learn how to out-geek your friends by embodying games from Street Fighter to Tetris after the jump.

Chun-Li, Street Fighter

Although Street Fighter chracters have come and gone over the past few decades, Chun-Li has remained mostly constant since the game’s second installment. Because she kicks major ass, you may want to dress like her.

The costume:

Blue Chinese silk dress with gold trim – $29.99, Orifashion

2 red leather spiked cuffs – $7.69 apiece, Spikesandleather.com

Red tights – $4.99, Costume Hub

White silk scarf (worn as belt) – $25, Amazon

White lace-up boots – $47.97, CostumeShoes.com

White ribbon – $1.25, Amazon

Prince of Persia

Like many protagonists in early video games, the hero in Prince of Persia is nameless. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cop his style to liberate a princess of your own. Plus, you can pretty much do the same thing with a different wig next year and go as Andrew W.K.

The costume:

Mens white muscle shirt – $7.50, Silkfair

Unisex harem pants – $22, eSiamcenter.com

Short, dirty blond wig – $17.99, Amazon

Costume sword – $13.25, Buy.com

Ghost chasing Ms. Pac-Man

Sure, there are crappy, overpriced Pac-man-related costumes available. But it’s cheaper and more fun when you do it yourself. And if you can’t decide whether to be Ms. Pac-man or the ghost chasing her, well, do both!

The costume:

Pink (or orange, blue, or red) flat sheet – $10, Garnet Hill

Jumbo wiggly eyes (pack of 100) – $3.99, Discount School Supply

14-inch beach ball (10 to a pack) – $9.99, Partypalooza

Shocking pink baby hair bow – $4.00, MarieLynn Boutique

Black Sharpie – $1.69, S&S Worldwide

Hot pink lipstick – $2.69, Face Values

Krazy Glue – $2.99, Walgreen’s

Tetris piece

This game is no less addictive now than it was in all its early, 8-bit NES glory. Show your love for a classic by wearing this simple but probably uncomfortable costume. Arrange the four boxes in whatever Tetris-appropriate formation works for you, and remember to cut body holes through one of the boxes so you can wear it. For even more fun, get friends to go as interlocking pieces.

The costume:

4 large cardboard boxes (easily scavenged)

Purple spray paint – $3.09, Amazon

X-Acto knife – $2.19, Instawares

Duct tape – $7.77, Discount Office Items

PaRappa the Rapper

What says the ’90s more than a rapping Japanese dog?

The costume:

Orange beanie – $3.50, WholesaleforEveryone.com

Men’s light blue tank top – $19.99, American Apparel

Dark-wash, wide-leg jeans – $64.99, Kikwear (although you should be able to find something much cheaper at a thrift store)

Red and white sneakers – $19.99, Man Alive

Dog ears (and tail) – $9.99, Halloween Store

Halloween microphone – $3.95, Starwarskingdom.com

Harvest Moon

The nameless protagonist of Harvest Moon has evolved quite a bit since his SNES days. But we’ll take the original, please!

The costume:

Men’s denim overalls – $29.99, JC Penney’s

Men’s white T-shirt (5-pack) – $11, Hanes

Orange bandana – $1.99, Amazon

Blue newsboy cap – $29.99, Dad’s Hats


No one can argue with the OG of video games. You’ll need two people who don’t mind bouncing a ball between them all night to make this one work.

The costume:

Men’s white T-shirt (5-pack) – $11, Hanes

Men’s white linen pants – $14.99 (x2), Old Navy

White tennis ball – $3.58, Athletic Impact