10 Actually Terrifying Jack-o-Lanterns


Traditionally in pumpkin carving you have two choices: A happy pumpkin or a scary pumpkin. Of course, the scary pumpkin is never really frightening so much as angry-looking — unless you happen to be a master of pyrotechnics and/or power tools. Extreme pumpkin carvers, like author and pumpkin carving maven Tom Nardone, have taken the craft to a whole new level. At his website, you can see pumpkins carved to look like everything from Lionel Richie to a giant hamburger. And this time, some of the pumpkins are actually pretty gruesome. Take a look, after the jump.

Ever wonder what happens when you fill a jack-o-lantern with kerosene? Yeah. He did too.

Note: Cauliflower makes fairly convincing brains, actually. This sucker won the Extreme Pumpkin Carving contest in 2009.

From the contestants of the carving contest this year comes this humdinger, complete with a yellow smoke bomb in the mouth. You won’t have to worry about trick-or-treaters with that guy on your stoop.

Another from this year’s competition, complete with carved alien squash baby.

Call us scaredy-cats, but this one looks dangerous, if only for the possibility of impaling yourself if you fall on it.


Attack of the man-eating pumpkins!

This winner from 2008 either created conjoined twins or a really terrifying-looking butt-faced pumpkin.

Perhaps not in the best taste, but certainly scary.

A radioactive jack-o-lantern crystallizes the fears of a nuclear age. You know, in pumpkin form.

You know what they say about sticking your head inside plastic bags. This pumpkin would be a great PSA.