Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


It’s that time of the week again: brace yourselves for some cultural Missed Connections. Why do we love rounding these up for you so much? Because when they aren’t posted by creepy guys who are trying to “time” their workouts so that you’ll bump into each other in the gym (there’s a word for that: stalking) they are hilarious.

But talk is cheap. After the jump we present a handful of potential blossoming relationships — and for the first time, some of our running commentary; be sure to weigh in our your favorite CMC in the comments.

where’s BAM? – w4m – 23 I asked you if BAM was “this way,” and you grinned and pointed in the opposite direction. You were cute, and probably think I’m an idiot, and I just wanted to clarify: I’m not terribly stupid, just have no sense of direction.

We’re sure he didn’t think that you were terribly stupid. People ask terribly stupid directional questions in Brooklyn all the time.

Romeo and Juliet, we were both alone in the audience – w4m – 26 (Union Square) We both had hats. Yours was striped. Mine was pink. We were going to sit together, but I moved. I think you’re gay. But you looked at me a lot. You’re terribly handsome. Your friends were on the first row. But you sat alone. I was alone. This isn’t going anywhere. I’ve never posted anything like this. What if you read it? Even if you are gay you should tell me that you read this. And who knows…what if we end up making out in the hall way of your apartment building?

Some advice: next time invest the time it took for you to post a missed connection for a gay who would NEVER DATE you on some therapy.

Bookish Girl from Union Hall near bocce court last night – m4w – 34 (Park Slope) You: Bookish girl with glasses with a page boy hair cut sitting with a nerdish female on the bench opposite the bocce court at Union Hall last night. The two of you were in a conversation; at one point, your friend took out either her iPhone or Blackberry to check her messages. This was around 10 p.m. Me: tall, slim babyfaced cute SAM who was too shy to introduce himself to you who sat at the same bench with you guys. I think you’re really attractive in a romantic, intelligent way. Hit me back if you think you are who you I think you are.

“Bookish” seems really backhanded here, right?

Shoulder to shoulder at the MET – m4m – 24 (Upper West Side) Hi cutey, we stood side by side in standing room in family circle for Adriana Lecouvreur last night… I was subtly trying to get your attention and I feel like you might have been as well, or maybe I was dreaming… sometimes our shoulders touched or our arms or something. You were wearing a beige sweater, jeans and white flats, and had a backpack, and we even exited the theater together till you diverted off to the bathroom. I thought you were cute and smelled really nice… Would love to get to know you.

Young gays finding love at the opera. We love it.

You left your Pablo Neruda book on the subway platform (Classon stop on G Train) Not really a missed connection, because I didn’t actually see who left the book. But I figured I’d reach out, see if anyone left their book. The train was heading to queens. Tell me the title of the book, about what page you were on, and/or what you used as a bookmark. Then I’ll know it’s you.

We had to include this one just because it was so intense; who in the world would remember what page they were on in a book they’re reading on the train? Plus, it’s poetry, so it’s not like you can reference a certain plot point. Blargh.

Reading Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics at Housing Works – m4m – 30 (Downtown) Thursday Night around 8. Couldn’t believe it when you pulled out that book. Too good looking to be reading something so cool. FYI: the chicks at the cafe were checking you out, too. Everybody likes a hot, geeky guy.

“Everybody likes a hot, geeky guy.” If message tees were still popular, we’d slap that saying on one.