Wanted: Posters Re-Envisioning Famous Rides as Vans


Do you ever wonder why more onscreen heroes don’t pull up in vans? What if the oversized automobile had been more ubiquitous in pop culture? Artist Brandon Ortwein gives us one answer with It Would Have Been Cooler as a Van , a poster series that re-envisions famous cinematic vehicles — from Pee-wee Herman’s bike to Doc’s DeLorean — as vans. We imagine Matt Foley, an early adopter of the van trend, would be proud.

The Batvanmobile

The Blues Brothers’ Van

Back to The Future DeloreVan

Ecto Van-1

Gran Van Torino

Herb The Love Van

Optimus Van

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Van

Tommy The Van Engine

The Titanic Van Sinks

Have a favorite? The prints come in poster form or as skins for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or laptop. Purchase here.