Daily Dose Pick: Peregrine Honig


Work of Art finalist Peregrine Honig takes our intertwined obsessions with youth, fashion, and celebrity, and turns them into quirky, unsettling art.

Perhaps Kansas City’s best-known art-world export (thanks to her star turn on the Bravo reality show), Honig makes paintings, sculptural installations, and performative, fashion-based projects that combine folk-art inflections and a childlike love of color, cuteness, and baby animals with a worldly, satirical voice that’s not afraid to get profound, funny, and even scatological.

View Peregrine Honig’s full portfolio at her official website, become a fan on Facebook, catch up on any Work of Art episodes you missed the first time around, and if you can make it to Santa Fe this week, check out her show at Dwight Hackett projects.

Click through below for a gallery of Peregrine Honig’s work.

Work of Art: The Final Three

Peregrine Honig

Orange Puke

Sara Puke

Feathered Puke

Swan Puke


Wonky Donkey

Mother Hood

Glass Fawns. Photo by Ed Schempf

Honig with a film clip of Jerry Saltz

On the Work of Art set

Final Work of Art installation

From Work of Art Childhood Challenge

Flaming Frame performance/installation

Anchor Baby

Prom Birth