What Does Your Favorite TV Show Reveal About You?


According to a company called Mindset Media, the TV shows you watch offers marketers key insights into your personality, and in turn, the kind of products that you’re likely to buy. They recently analyzed self-reported data from about 25,000 TV viewers across more than 70 TV shows, and shared some of the info with Ad Age. Click through for the personality highlights of viewers from some of our favorite shows.

If you watch Mad Men You are creative, emotionally sensitive, and intellectually curious. You tend to be more of a dreamer than a realist. You are also more likely to be a social liberal, which Mindset defines as people who “disdain moral authorities and believe children should be exposed to moral dilemmas and allowed to draw their own conclusions.” Brands you’re drawn to: Apple, Audi A6, Blue Moon, American Express

If you watch Family Guy You are a rule breaker or rebel — and not afraid to let your feelings be known through anger or sarcasm. You’re also a risk taker who is open to new challenges. You’re easy to get along with and generally accepting of others. Brands you’re drawn to: DiGiornio, Ford F150, Totino’s, Harley-Davidson

If you watch Glee You’re a very open person who believes in the value of imagination and intellectual pursuits. You’re in touch with your feelings and tend to feel things very deeply. You seek out new, unique experiences. You’re creative (but not as likely to be creative as a Mad Men viewer.) Brands you’re drawn to: Evian, Volkswagen Jetta

If you watch The Office You think that you are superior to others and tend to brag about your accomplishments. A true alpha dog, you tend to lead rather than follow. You also like to seek out new experiences, but for you it’s about living a more full life. Brands you’re drawn to: Starbucks, BMW Series 3, V8, VW Beetle