Flavorpill Fix Episode Six: Animation Block Party-Rocking Beats


Animation and music videos go together like juggalos and Faygo. And that’s why we’re so excited to present the newest installment of the Flavorpill Fix, a collaboration with our pals at Animation Block Party, New York’s wildest and most wonderful animation film festival. This special episode pairs some of Block Party’s best shorts — including our personal favorite, the “oregano”-heavy TV series “Cooking 420 with Chef Barry” — with animated videos we love, featuring everyone from Mark Ronson to Jeffrey and Jack Lewis to Boca Chica. Watch the full episode and learn more after the jump. New Yorkers can watch this very same show tonight at 10:30 pm on NYC life, channel 25.

Music videos:

Boca Chica “Like Sheep in the Night” (dir. Eric Arnstein and Jeff Ryan)

Sweet Tooth “Everybody Wants to Be in Love” (dir. David Packer and Sheep Films, with illustrations by Aaron Bevan-Bailey)

Choo Choo la Rouge “Here Come the Guns” (dir. Greg Condon)

Mark Ronson “Circuit Breaker” (dir. Gary Breslin and Jordan Galland)

Jeffrey and Jack Lewis “Had it All” (dir. Greg Condon)

Jordan Galland “Search Party” (dir. Jordan Galland)

Animation Block Party is will begin accepting submissions for its 2011 festival on December 17th.

Interested in submitting your video to the Flavorpill Fix?

Email your video (in Quicktime format, via Sendspace, Megaupload, etc.) to seanruch@gmail.com. Also include: Contact info, a short list of credits (band, song, album, director, website) and any questions or special instructions you may have. We’ll get in touch if we plan to use your clip in an upcoming episode of the Flavorpill Fix.